Pack Of 2 Weighted Bracelets Blue Birds


Blue with bird pattern

Each weighted bracelet weighs 125g.

Approximately 21 cm long.

Adjustable fastening. 2 different lengths.

They fit wrists up to about 20 cm.

If you would like a heavier or longer weighted bracelet please contact me at

All my weighted bracelets have double sewn seams. They contain an inner bag which is securely sewn in, this bag is filled to the desired weight with lead shot balls. Please check for any wear and tear regularly and in the unlikely event that one of the seams split please stop using immediately. 

What are weighted bracelets used for?

To help with fine motor skills and increase concentration and focus.

They can promote a calming effect helping you to relax.

They relieve stress and anxiety helping to reduce meltdowns.

Help reduce repetitive behaviours.

They can help provide a medication free solution.

Weighted bracelets can help with fine motor activities, by sending the right feedback to the brain you can then become more aware of how your holding a pencil, it can stop you pressing so hard that the lead continuously snaps.

They can provide the deep pressure many of us need to stay calm helping you concentrate and focus longer on what your doing.

They can be worn all day long.

Remember to speak to your schools SENCO about these being worn in class, my daughter wears them in school daily so yours might be able to too.

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