What are weighted products used for?

  Weighted products were designed to give pressure and sensory input to adults and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Sensory processing disorder, PTSD, Sleeping disorders and many other disorders. They have also been known to help people with dementia and can help with anxiety. They can even help people who don't have any medical need.

  The firm pressure a weighted blanket gives when applied to the body can calm the muddled mind, as they counteract the need for sensory stimulation. Their pressure also meets your need for physical sensation and simultaneously calms you down. They provide proprioceptive input to the brain and releases the hormone serotonin, serotonin is the body's calming chemical.

 Maybe you, your child or someone you know are just full of high energy and find it hard to calm yourself down.

 Maybe you have trouble settling down for a restless nights sleep, the hug of a weighted blanket can make you feel safe, secure and help unmuddle your mind enough for you to get some much needed rest.

Weighted lap pads work they same way but on a smaller scale and are a great size for travelling, you can use them at school to help with concentration and sitting still, doing homework, travelling in the car or even use to watch their favourite movie.

Do speak to your schools SENCO about your child using this in class because as the lap pads are used for sensory therapy they usually allow them be used.