Hi I'm Laura Waters, welcome to Sew Weighted!

I'm married with 5 children. I've had an interest in sewing since I was a young girl but took it up as my full time hobby in 2011. I've made a bit of everything in that time, from clothes to bags to our 3 daughters bridesmaid dresses back in 2014.

My interest in making weighted products came about when I bought a weighted blanket for our daughter. The weighted blanket I bought was from a well known website and although it was well made I thought it was over priced. Although it was made to a good standard I knew I could do better.

My research into making great quality low priced weighted products then began and here I am today.

I believe therapy aids shouldn't be boring, if you want to encourage someone to use it which can be challenging at times it should be at least a little bit fun so i always provide a variety in everything I make.

I hope you enjoy looking around my store, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at laurawaters@sewweighted.co.uk